December 21, 2022

Shutdown of our beta server “”

Andreas Schulze

At the end of 2022, our beta server ( will be shut down. The previous beta services on will no longer be available at the beginning of 2023. All information about already published products has been bundled and well documented here for some time now
If you are already using services and styles from the beta phase of the products, you should urgently check the following and adjust if necessary:

Have you integrated our beta vector web map into HTML pages or GIS?
Check the embedded URL. If this contains “” you should go directly to one of our published vector web services ( web vector) transfer:
Style Color:
Style relief:
Style Grey:

For integration into QGIS we recommend using our XML file.

XML file

However, if you want to adjust your GIS connection parameters yourself, you can also use one of the styles mentioned above and the new VectorTiles service ({z}/{x}/ {y}.pbf) directly.

Have you integrated the Beta Raster Web Map into HTML pages or GIS as WMS or WMTS?
Check the embedded URL. If it contains “” you should go directly to one of our published grid web services ( web grid) transfer:

Have you already created your own styles based on our beta services?
In this case there is a little more work to be done. There are two options here:
They repeat their adjustments based on one of our published standard styles. This would put you on the safe side, as you will automatically benefit from the style improvements that have been incorporated in the meantime (since the beta).


Or In the style, you replace the URLs of the “glyphs”, “sprites” and “sources” with the current URLs. Here using the color style as an example:

"glyphs": "{fontstack}/{range}.pbf",
"sprite": "",
"transition": {
 "duration": 300,
 "delay": 0
"sources.sources": {
 "smarttiles_de": {
 "type.type": "vector",
 "attribution": "© 2022 © / BKG | Data sources: © GeoBasis-DE",
 "url": ""

If you have any further questions about server shutdown, please feel free to use our contact form.

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