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Principles and philosophy of the procedure

• Joint procedural solution from the federal and state governments
• Connection of official geospatial base data from all German surveying administrations and geodata from an official and non-official perspective
• Technical platform for agile development and future operations using cloud technology
• Use of open source software
• Simple, user-oriented data model for geospatial data
• Development of new AdV standard products - e.g. web map (vector tiles)


basemap.de is implemented in various implementation stages based on agile methods with the support of an external Scrum Master and our own developers. The implementation is carried out by the Smart Mapping project with participants from all surveying administrations of the states (AdV), the Federal Office for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG) as well as the Center for Geoinformation of the Bundeswehr (ZGeoBw) and third parties from science and research. In the first implementation stage, a proof of concept and the prototypical implementation of official geospatial data as vector tiles were realized.

Highlights of the new process

• New and mobile web maps
• Map on demand
• New application possibilities for users
• Simple, flexible integration of your own data
• Individual styling
• Simple and user-friendly data model
• Common generalization procedures
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